Fondant / Ready to roll icing / sugar paste:

Renshaw - The Renshaw rolled fondant pro is great quality fondant the UK, also known as sugarpaste. The fondant is easy to use due to good elasticity and can be kneaded easily.

Renshaw Extra - The Renshaw rolled fondant extra from the UK is a highly elastic, but firm fondant, which is easy to use. This makes the fondant suitable for hotter and more humid climates. The fondant doesn’t stick and has a delicious vanilla flavour. It is ideal for covering cakes, due to its smooth finish. And you can even polish away any imperfections. The fondant can also be rolled out very thinly, this makes it great for frilling.

Funcakes - The rolled fondant from FunCakes has an improved rolling quality and a smoother texture. This makes it even more easier to use. After processing the fondant hardens. 

Satin Ice - This fondant produces a satin-smooth elegant finish to any cake. The patented formula and mixing process produces a smooth, creamy product with a luscious, mellow taste that is unmatched. Preferred for its ease of use and ability to be rolled super thin, it is also perfect for modeling character figures, bows, drapes and swags.

Massa Ticino - CARMA® has been making Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste in Switzerland since 1963. This line of sugarpastes in vibrant colours is made with completely natural ingredients and without using any azo dyes. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are lactose-, cholesterol- and gluten-free. It is as easy to work with as ever and still offers great coverage. Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste is ideal for both covering cakes and sculpting, regardless of the temperature and humidity.

Pastkolor (old Sweetart recipe) - This Portuguese fondant is perfect for decorating and covering cakes, and can be use for modelling flowers. It is the hardest of our selection, it needs to be well kneaded before use. It is very flexible and easy to use due to its soft structure with a delicious lemon flavor. PastKolor fondant produces a satin-smooth elegant finish to any cake and it's exclusive formula prevents cracking. Last but not least, its unique formulation allows it to resist perfectly to moisture, making it a sugar paste adapted for warm days.

To avoid sticking on the working surface, use corn starch or icing sugar.

To cover a cake with a 3-4 mm rolled fondant:
Round cake, 20 cm diameter, approx. 8 cm high = approx. 500-750 g
Round cake, 30 cm diameter, approx. 8 cm high = approx. 1 kg - 1.50 kg
Cupcakes: approx. 15 g. each

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